Back To Black

The Amy Winehouse song “Back To Black” is pretty clearly about a man who is cheating, but the video shows images of a funeral and cemetery. I think the mound next to the grave was intended to evoke the 1973 press photo of Chris’ first working band, Bodhi. When Back To Black came out in 2006, Chris was married, but in a long distance relationship with his wife Denise. Meanwhile, Chris’ ex-wife Valarie never left him alone, and he continued to struggle to stay off of heroin. I am confident Chris didn’t cheat while married to Denise, but Denise acted insanely jealous, didn’t want him anywhere near Valarie, and took Chris’ relapses incredibly personally. I think Denise – a honeytrap – was among those creating a nasty record with the FBI, on purpose, in order to murder Chris. Meanwhile, Chris was trauma-bonded to Denise and never completely able to release himself from the fantasy she created for him. This situation that Chris, me, and now my innocent daughter are in, is about leveraging financed abuse into more and more abuse and ultimately murder, and it’s all done for GREED.

Amy Winehouse was almost certainly murdered as well. A so-called “27 club” casualty.