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As I’ve been tracing back, it’s become alarmingly apparent that there is, running in the background, a deliberate wiping away of historical documentation. It’s a particularly disturbing component of a pattern of evidence destruction, and it’s also pretty obvious that people within the community are taking part in this, insidiously, though not very cleverly, at times under the guise of historical preservation.

This is also part of a long plan, and I’m guessing this “wiping” is something that’s been going on for centuries, and that it is in fact part of the origin of the band name “Wipers.” Other likely links to the name Wipers are World War I links to Ypres and a soliders publication called Wipers Times (in addition to records and record industry links there seems to be links to publications – small presses like the one my parents ran in the 1970s, and zines of the 1980s and 90s).

I also suspect it’s a reference to the idea of driving through the rain and the hypnotic rhythm of windshield wipers. In fact, some Wipers music seems to evoke this very rhythm, as I can attest to having listened to Wipers music on a car stereo, driving through rain.

Finally, there’s the the reason given on the Zeno Records website –

Greg Sage said that the idea for the name came from when he worked at a movie theater that had a long hallway of glass that looked over the city of Portland, Oregon. One of his jobs was to clean the glass that would get cloudy from people waiting to enter the theaters. When wiping the glass with a large squeegee, the view of the city would become crystal clear. A “crystal clear view” was the idea he wanted to put into music.

The words “crystal” and “clear” both evoke radio frequency communication (crystal radio, clear channels).

It’s hard to know where people really stand, and nearly impossible to trust anyone.

Rock & Roll Hell re-issue – on vinyl! Coming soon – in Spain

Napalm Beach’s first full-length album, Rock & Roll Hell, was produced by Greg Sage and released first on cassette by Trap/Zeno in 1983, and many years later on CD (combined with another cassette release Live At The Met) by Zeno and MP3 by us. It has never been released on vinyl. An independent label in Valencia, Spain, Burka For Everybody intends to change that. They are planning to release R&R Hell on vinyl and include some songs from the Trap Sampler as well.