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Chris Newman Experiment

Newman wrote the songs on this album over a period of three days after checking out of a drug rehabilitation program and coming the realization that his short-lived long-distance marriage was a failure. La Rose Noire (2008) is his attempt to understand and accept this loss. It is also a love letter, an apology, and a final attempt to find some meaning in the wreckage of the affair. A dark, lonely album, with the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, this is the one and only album released by Chris Newman Experiment, a band featuring the Longview, Washington father/son team of Alan and Nigel Ledgerwood on drums and bass, respectively. Chris Newman Experiment was a band that lasted nine months before coming to a screeching halt.

Members: Chris Newman (guitar, vocals, piano), Alan Ledgerwood (drums), Nigel Ledgerwood (bass).