script keepers of Seattle – braunnoser

One of the things I’m now doing with this blog is thinking things through, by writing them out. There are a lot of things I’m seeking to understand. There has been a tremendous amount of effort and energy exerted in manipulating us to think, feel, and act in one way or another, and it’s never been to our benefit. It’s generally been very exploitative. This blog has become an effort to break free of that.

I have decided that I am not going to modify, moderate, or modulate my speech or attitude based on this idea that I can behave my way into being treated fairly or justly by the community, the government, or the music industry. I have decided that the truth must prevail, regardless how how it makes people feel.

I have asserted that when it comes to Pacific Northwest music – both historical and contemporary – there is a script, and there are script keepers. The script is classic disinformation – bits of truth sprinkled with fiction, wrapped in misdirection, and full of holes. For this kind of script to be maintained, especially in an environment where there is continued interest in the history, it’s necessary for script keepers to guard the fortress gates lest the “wrong” stories – or the “wrong” angle on a story – be told.

Recently I had an interesting run in – or several run ins – with script keepers of Seattle that I think sheds a bit of light on how this operation works. I wrote about the bizarre experiences I had on a Facebook group called Pacific Northwest Music Archives. There are actually several posts about this and I should probably create a list of them.

This Facebook group is both run and frequented by script keepers. Script keepers who run the group (Matthew Ward and Karl Braun) elevate the voices script keepers within the group (James Burdyshaw et al) and shut down voices (Erika Meyer) who deviate from the script. This process happens all over the place – it’s going on in Portland groups of a similar nature as well. In each case, the script is slightly shifted depending on what specific truths they’re trying to hide and control – but in fact, the primary truths these groups are hiding are the same in Portland and Seattle – and these are the truths – that Chris Newman was corralled, deceived, defrauded, and deliberately kept from the light – and that there is a decades-long ongoing murder for hire scheme via FBI reporting – that all of these folks are involved with – and more specifically – that Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Elliott Smith Chris Cornell, Andrew Loomis and many other artists have fallen victim to this scheme. And that the finance for this endeavor is coming in from around the globe.

By the way, you will notice if you look close enough that the two admins I mentioned – Karl Braun and Matthew Ward – both have international connections – Braun to Ethiopia and Ward to Japan.

Over the past several years I’ve experienced numerous burglaries and disruptions to my personal belongings and files, both paper and electronic. One of the items that’s gone missing and then was returned to a different location was, as I’ve mentioned, a CD with image files from the January 6, 1989 Mudhoney and Nirvana show at Satyricon. In the past I’d published a few of these images on behalf of the photographer, David Ackerman, at a reduced size, most of them labeled with text. I don’t believe I ever even downloaded the entire full size image set, and I don’t think David has a copy of the CD (he has the original negatives). About two weeks ago I noticed that what appeared to be all of the Nirvana images had been published on a Nirvana archive site. I couldn’t think of any reasonable way that would have happened, except for they were taken from that CD I had in my possession. I contacted the site that published the Nirvana photos to let them know the photos had been stolen, and I contacted David who said he had not given the photos to anyone. The admins for the Nirvana archive site were very responsive – they didn’t know where the images had come from originally, they said. They offered to take them down, but David said that it was ok, as long as they weren’t making money from them, they could leave them up.

Then I also noticed an image from that set, the one with Courtney Love, had been published at full resolution on Reddit. Looking into it a bit further, it was pretty clear that the person who posted the photo – “Braunnoser” – was Karl Braun from the Pacific Northwest Music Archives site – the site that had deleted and blocked me, apparently for my “famous blue raincoat” post. I say this because “Braunnoser” was posting other things on reddit linked to Seattle, and historical archiving.

This name Braunnoser actually should be dissected a bit – there’s a classic meaning for it (a kiss up) – but there are two other meanings I see here – one is the idea of a “nose” as being the way that you sniff something out or detect it. It’s basically another word for a spy (or snitch, or defamation agent) – except with the emphasis on “smelling” (nose) something rather than “seeing” it (eyes). And then there’s another meaning, and that has to do with directed energy weapons attacks focused on the tip of the nose. This is something that’s been done to me a lot over the years – I wake up with a brown spot on the tip of my nose after being attacked with directed energy weapons at night. I think this is actually something that’s been done to a lot of people. My daughter has a cousin with a mole right at the tip of her nose. I learned that moles tend to form during puberty and my daughter ended up with a lot of moles on her face around the time I also started to get marks put onto my face, arms, hands. I think all of us have been subjected to directed energy attacks of this type. So if Braun intended that meaning as I think he did, it means he has fairly deep links in the world of covert creepy directed-energy weapons wielding goons (black bag ops).

But! I always try to give the benefit of the doubt until it’s no longer warranted. Ten days ago I sent a Facebook message to Braun with basically the same content and gist as the one I’d sent to the Nirvana website – letting him know that the image seemed to be from a set stolen from a CD that had been physically removed from my possession – and asking him if he could let me know where he got the image and/or what the original file name was. He didn’t respond. I prodded him a couple more times just to make sure he was stonewalling me, and he was.

What do I think this means? I suspect that Braun – admin for the Pacific Northwest Music archives Facebook group – has a direct connection to whoever it is that stole those images in the first place, and that he is protecting that person or entity. If it is the FBI – then it means that Braun has direct connections to the black bag ops that are basically raping, pillaging, injuring, murdering people (and animals, fwiw) across this region.

Folks play this like a game, while innocent people are literally losing their lives.

Another question might be why Braun bothered posting the image to reddit. I imagine it was just part of controlling focus – making this an endless – and pointless – conversation about when Kurt and Courtney met – when the real issue is Courtney being a serial CIA-linked honeytrapper and Cobain being a target for elevation, then – via FBI files, medical malfeasance, and black bag ops – destruction.