Crimes vs Torts and the Nature of this Racket

In this situation, I reached out numerous times to law enforcement, telling them our lives were in danger. In fact, they knew our lives were in danger. It’s like – that was kind of the point?

As I’ve dealt with blow after blow it’s become really clear that the blows that have been dealt to us come from a very informed place, legally. They seem to know exactly how to get away with the crimes they are committing.

What makes it especially difficult is the systematic use of psychological and technological mind control and the weaponization of our own family members against us, not to mention the weaponization of systems designed to protect us, like police and hospitals.

I need to process this a bit more before I can write about it more thoroughly. But I think that in the long run – should any judges or attorneys or anyone who believes in right vs wrong look at this situation – the strategic use of crime and weaponization of government entities should NOT be a get out of jail free card for anyone – similarly – their knowledge and exploitation of civil procedure technicalities should not permit them to get away with heinous crimes such as first degree aggravated murder.

I cannot file a wrongful death claim because Chris and I weren’t married, and Chris and I weren’t married because of deliberate manipulations by friends, family members, police, and hospital systems. His mother would have had a potential case, but she was murdered with a stroke (frequency-based attack) right before Chris was diagnosed.

Chris’ cancer should have been detected in June 2019, when abnormalities were seen on tests at Providence Hospital and further testing was recommended but never done. Instead the diagnosis didn’t happen until January 2021, two weeks after Chris’ mother suddenly died. The diagnosis happened after Chris had been attacked for several days on end with directed energy weapons, always at night – and developed a painful infection.

The reality is, this wasn’t really a tort, it was a crime. Chris and his mother were murdered, strategically and brutally. The attackers, wielding high tech weaponry, knew what they could get away with it, and how to pull it off. It was two first-degree murders by either the US Department of Justice, the CIA, or more likely, both together. There is no excuse.

Right before Chris died, police were called for a welfare check (due to defamation) and stole his wallet. I’m not sure what the point was behind that – maybe so that I couldn’t access the small amount of money he had, with anticipation that his will would be contested (as the family alleged they were going to do), or just to make things difficult. (Microaggressions)

If I did manage to make a claim about Chris, they’ll bring up his failure to make money, which was due to lifelong blacklisting. The situation is unique in that he was a very poor person who was stolen from his entire life by VERY rich people, and corporations, facilitated by the US government. How do you handle that legally?

The parallels between Chris’ bands and Nirvana are not insignificant.

These powerful financial interests should not get away with these heinous crimes because they’ve managed to infiltrate and co-opt the justice system, and hire the best lawyers while preventing us from having any income, any mobility, and any access to a lawyer. I should have been able to access advice from a lawyer the first time I tried in January 2014 when Chris was ALIVE.

By the way, there is evidence Courtney Love was behind, or involved in the January 2014 kidnapping set up.