Equipment theft, Christian boarding school, the CIA and the Los Angeles recording industry

Just putting something together here – in 1967 or 68 Chris – the 9th grade “flower boy” – was essentially run out of Longview, Washington because he’d discovered that some kids had stolen another 14 year old’s Vox amp, and he told the kid who’s amp had been stolen so that he could recover his amp from the thieves – and this was seen as being a “snitch” and related in community-wide harassment behaviors that eventually drove Chris to leave town and go to a private Christian school in Canyonville, Oregon.

A question I have – where did Chris’ family get the money to send him to private school?

From my perspective, the community response is out of line; doesn’t make sense. Makes me think that Chris was being deliberately driven out of town and probably deliberately channeled to that school. Because this kind of thing has happened to me as well – and the way it works is someone dangles out an interesting opportunity in another location, and meanwhile, everyone around you makes sure that your life is a living hell, so that you think that your best choice is to take that new opportunity. That’s how I ended up in Minneapolis in 1985 and again in 1987, and in Las Vegas in 1989.

In my case, it seems I was driven to Minneapolis so that certain individuals could make contact with me, and in Chris’ case, I think the same thing was going on. One of the people that Chris seems to have been intentionally linked to was Ray Shelton, who showed up after Chris, transferring to Canyonville Bible Academy from Hollywood high school.

Years later, 1981-83, X formed a brief alliance (or apparent alliance) with Napalm Beach in the northwest, but that all fell apart after gear was stolen from Napalm Beach’s van in a situation I believe was a set up – a situation that involved teenage Sean Croughan (later of Crackerbash) in a rescuer role.

A typical pattern for these set ups is for someone involved in the set up to take on the role of rescuer. It seems like something similar may have happened to Jimi Hendrix in a 1969 kidnapping incident (hard to tell for sure as there are lot of lies around this and the victim is conveniently dead).

In Chris’ case, because there were twin incidents involving equipment theft and recovery, it’s easy to wonder if there was a common source – the Los Angeles recording industry working through the CIA – because it’s the CIA who is so good at pulling off these elaborate schemes and getting the victim to take all the blame.

Canyonville Bible Academy was, from my perspective, a shark tank. Although Chris enjoyed his time there, mostly, I know that he was (and other students were) surveilled in their private spaces and that the surveillance was distributed, and there is pretty solid reason to believe all the staff were complicit. Also, probably based on this surveillance, Chris was expelled right before graduation – denied his high school diploma – because they “found out” he’d had sex with his long time girlfriend. He was shamed and traumatized. My opinion is that schools who surveil their students this way or who allow their students to be surveilled in this way should be shut down and the teachers put on public trial.

Unfortunately – the entity behind this was the US federal government via the CIA. And since they’ve never been truly held accountable – they’ve never stopped doing this.

Meanwhile, people worldwide consume this surveillance, and corporate money flows in, funding the set ups.

X seems to have been an arm of this machine. And that, I believe, is why they enjoyed major label support.