A bizarre dream involving oxycodone

For some time I’ve basically been sleeping around directed energy attacks. So sometimes I’m awake at night and catch up on sleep during the day. After writing a couple of posts this morning, Dark Horse and On the audacity of the crime (and Courtney Love) I fell asleep and dreamt the whole time that I was not the target of malfeasance, but an instigator. I don’t remember all the dreams, but I do remember one very clearly (or more precisely, I remember it, but I also wrote it down).

Here is what I wrote:

Dream that Shelena (my daughter’s cousin, Shelena Scott) is having me broker oxycodone deals. She wants me to do a big deal involving Sammy Hagar. She doesn’t tell me where she lives. I get angry at people over their deception and throw a fit at Lewis & Clark College, yelling at people. Then I go back and take oxys from Shelena. I feel stuck in this situation. Later I meet Shelena and Chris starts his downfall. I notice my tooth is getting looser and looser – upper left side molar (adjacent to extraction cavity). I think I’ll need an extraction. Oxy stored in hidden pockets of costume, like wings. (As if I’m wearing a costume with wings, and in the wings are hidden pockets, and that is where the oxycodone is stored.)

This is all so bizarre I don’t even know what to make of it. I haven’t had any significant contact with Shelena since the mid 1990s. I’ve never sold an oxycodone tablet. I have no connection to Sammy Hagar. I never yelled at anyone at Lewis & Clark College or any place where I’ve worked. I do have problems with my teeth – and throughout my body – because of frequency based weapons, and I believe this is a danger to me. I’ve reported this several to doctors, the police, and FBI. The reports often engender retaliatory responses.

The dream sort of drove home the idea of once a person has compromised themself in some way, they might feel stuck in the situation, because they are already culpable of something and now they can’t escape from the crime. That would not be me, however.

The manner we’re taught to think – that in crime there are victims and criminals and nothing in between doesn’t work here, because the architecture of the crime is so complex, and a major strategy is to get people sucked into a situation they feel they cannot reasonably escape, and to convince them that there is no escape. This is one reason, I believe, that people who have issues with drug addiction or who have some kind of criminal record or something to hide are prime targets for cultivation – they come with ready-made leverage. But innocence and naiveté is also leveraged, and rather easily due to the code of silence. People are not warning each other about the dangers, even when they’re known.

Courtney Love definitely seems to be linked to recruitment and handling of my daughter’s Native American cousins, and there are clues that her father Hank Harrison has been part of this too.