Day: July 10, 2022

Snow Bud and the Flower People – Ripped Van Stinkle – 1994

Tim/Kerr #41

recorded 1993, and again in 1994 – released in 1994

Snow Bud and the Flower People recorded this album, at first under the title of El Kabong, at Drew Canulette’s Dogfish Studios in 1993. However, before the album could be mixed, it was destroyed in a fire.

According to the April 19, 1993 issue of The Oregonian, The March 24, 1993 destroyed about 5,000 hours of tapes.

It is my opinion that the Nirvana song Heart Shaped Box, which had been recorded in February 1993, contains a deliberate reference to Chris’ song Tar Pits, which I suspect was recorded in February or March 1993. Chris tended not to leave too much time between recording and mixing, and El Kabong was burned up in late March, between the recording and the mixing.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t make sense for one unreleased song to deliberately reference another unreleased song, but as I’ve been saying, our circumstances are anything but normal. There has been regular surveillance in, and worldwide distribution and trafficking of surveillance from our private homes going back within both Chris’ family and my family, to before we were born, and this is not the only time I suspect this kind of thing happened.

Cobain and others were trying to show that the surveillance was going on, without saying so directly.

It’s worth noting that Cobain’s use of the word “Tar Pit” includes the word “Trap.” Chris’ first recordings were made on Greg Sage’s label, Trap Records.