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Boo Frog, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Divining Rods, Napalm Beach

Napalm Beach “Rock & Roll Hell” reissue available NOW on vinyl

Napalm Beach - Rock & Roll Hell - available from Burka for Everybody Records

Napalm Beach - Rock & Roll Hell - LP - BFE 06from Burka for Everybody Records (Valencia, Spain), and for the first time on vinyl. 300-copy limited-edition. New artwork by Joni Contencioso. Photos by David Ackerman and David Wilde. U.S. distribution through Subterranean Distribution or Revolver. Skullman Records has 20 copies for sale: to get one, paypal $25 to info (at) with your address. First come, first served.

Also available from CD Baby are MP3s of the 1999 CD-R reissue of R&R Hell by Zeno (includes Live at the Met cassette tracks, does not include Trap Sampler tracks).



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