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Napalm Beach “Rock & Roll Hell” reissue available NOW on vinyl

Napalm Beach - Rock & Roll Hell - available from Burka for Everybody Records

Napalm Beach - Rock & Roll Hell - LP - BFE 06from Burka for Everybody Records (Valencia, Spain), and for the first time on vinyl. 300-copy limited-edition. New artwork by Joni Contencioso. Photos by David Ackerman and David Wilde. U.S. distribution through Subterranean Distribution or Revolver. Skullman Records has 20 copies for sale: to get one, paypal $25 to info (at) with your address. First come, first served.

Also available from CD Baby are MP3s of the 1999 CD-R reissue of R&R Hell by Zeno (includes Live at the Met cassette tracks, does not include Trap Sampler tracks).


Napalm Beach – Pugsley – 1984

Napalm Beach PUGSLEY transfer from the original 4-TRACK DIY album on cassette, FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 or high-quality sound files) on bandcamp! CLICK HERE!!! DO IT! THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!!
Napalm Beach - Pugsley - 1984

This album was recorded in drummer Sam Henry’s mother’s garage on 4-track and distributed on cassette, mostly at shows, in Portland and Seattle. Thank you Jeff Larson of Sonic Recollections, Portland, Oregon for buying this cassette in 1985, and digitizing it in 2011.


The Stranger on Snow Bud – 10 February 2011

Snow Bud and the Flower People, Remedios the Beauty, Green Handshake, Keith Cook

(Funhouse) You’ve gotta have old-fashioned, Monster Squad–style Wolfman ‘nads to name a song “Bong Hit,” especially if you go the full distance by starting the song with a bubbling sound effect and ensuring the lyrics are entirely about doing hits from a bong (“Bong hit/It’s the shit”) without even making the most perfunctory gestures toward a high-minded metaphor or two. But Snow Bud and the Flower People have ‘nads to spare; they’re as subtle as a Cheech and Chong movie, but they back up all the weed talk by being a super-solid garage-rock psychedelic band. They’re like Reverend Horton Heat’s younger stoner brother, barreling out of the garage to bring weed and hot licks to the people. PAUL CONSTANT


Boo Frog Review : Garage Band Revisited (France)

BOO FROG : s/t CD  ( Skullman rds. )
From the dust of the Untouchables / Napalm Beach  & various local bands …. the gatherin ‘
of  Chris / Erika /  Paul …. BOO FROG ‘s born . Voodoo / Garage punk zone emerge from this band from Portland area . Just imagine their faves bands ‘re the Seeds / Gun Glub / Cramps. Personnaly , Y ‘can dig B ‘ Frog music’spirit if u ‘re into Dead Moon  / 13th Floor Elevators music trend . Listen , “crushed ” / ” in the beginnin ‘ ” among 11 more tracks & u ‘d understood what BOO FROG ‘s able to dig . Better than  ever ( the rest ) …here’s BOO FROG ….. ! A must!

Garage Band revisited ‘zine / Radio 103.1 / soubielle / february 2011 / France


Rock & Roll Hell re-issue – on vinyl! Coming soon – in Spain

Napalm Beach’s first full-length album, Rock & Roll Hell, was produced by Greg Sage and released first on cassette by Trap/Zeno in 1983, and many years later on CD (combined with another cassette release Live At The Met) by Zeno and MP3 by us. It has never been released on vinyl. An independent label in Valencia, Spain, Burka For Everybody intends to change that. They are planning to release R&R Hell on vinyl and include some songs from the Trap Sampler as well.


Boo Frog @ House of Preblon photos

photos by Dean Fletcher

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