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Boo Frog, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Divining Rods, Napalm Beach

Napalm Beach 1987

Sam and Chris - Napalm Beach

Napalm Beach - Moving To and Fro album cover (detail)


Boo Frog 12″ LP – BETTER THAN THE REST – release party July 16 at Slabtown

Boo Frog is proud to release “Better Than The Rest” on 12″ vinyl! Come help us celebrate on Saturday, July 16, at Slabtown, Portland. We will be playing with Seattle’s ATOMIC BRIDE, Portland’s SICK BROADS, and El Paso’s THE MUSICIANEERS.

Boo Frog - Better Than The Rest - LP release - July 16 - Slabtown


Snow Bud and the Flower People – Killer Bud

a cut from upcoming album, “Flashback”
produced by Jack Endino



Boo Frog – Collapse Board – Song of the Day

Collapse Board : Song of the Day 335 – Boo Frog – Everett True

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BOO FROG UNDEAD at SATYRICON – available now

Boo Frog Undead at Satyricon - cassette

Boo Frog Undead at Satyricon - cassette

Cassette recorded live by Mike Lastra at the Farewell Satyricon show, October 6, 2011.

Side A: 1. Her Heroine 2. Anabasis 3. Walk With Me 4. What Would I Do? 5. Back Alley Man 6. Mind Bender
Side B: 7. Jake The Alligator Man 8. The One 9. Re-Revolution 10. Sunnyside Avenue


Rock & Roll Hell – Live – circa 1981

A live version of R&R Hell probably from early 1982 (some of it makes me think of a 2004 Katastrophy Wife song called “Liberty Belle”). The photos show Sam Henry on drums, Chris Newman guitar/vox, and Mark Nelson on bass. In the photos, Chris, who usually wears black, is wearing Courtney Love’s camel-colored overcoat… or is it caramel-colored? She lived in the Napalm Beach band house in 1981.