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Napalm Beach

Napalm Beach with Mudhoney and Poison Idea Originally called The Untouchables, Napalm Beach was formed by Chris Newman in 1980 in Portland, Oregon. Sam Henry of the Wipers joined in 1981. Dave Dillinger joined in 1989. Napalm Beach headlined frequently and opened for many national acts in Portland and Seattle all through the 1980s and into the 1990s. Though they never toured the U.S., Napalm Beach toured Europe several times between 1989 and 1992. (click here for a Napalm Beach flyer gallery)

After their set, and the two encore tunes, a magic seems broken in the hall, as if some great sword had been pulled from the stone for a few short minutes and has now been replaced… One of Seattle’s most successful established bands has just been upstaged by some of the poorest, ugliest, and most talented rock n’ rollers in town. Charles Cross, Seattle P.I. August 18, 1981

Napalm Beach recorded and released around a dozen albums on small labels.

Napalm Beach Discography

Year Title Record label
1981 Trap Sampler Trap
1982 Live at the Met Cassette Trap
1983 Rock & Roll Hell Trap
1983 Pugsley Cassette Skullman
1984 Napalm Beach (Teen Dream) LP & Cassette Icon, Skullman
1985 Moving to and Fro Cassette, LP, CD Loves Simple Dreams (cass. Skullman)
1988 Liquid Love Cassette, LP, CD Flying Heart
1990 Fire Air and Water Cassette, LP, CD Satyricon/Flying Heart
1991 Thunder Lizard LP, CD Satyricon, Skullman
1991 Live Box set with Dead Moon Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Germany)
1992 Compilation Tribute to Greg Sage vinyl box set, CD Tim Kerr, Skullman
1992 Summertime Again/Last Big Heartache 45rpm Tim Kerr
1993 Curiosities CD Tim Kerr/Satyricon (Europe), Skullman
1993 “My Master Calls” version 2 flexi disc with Poison Idea in Flipside Magazine Tim Kerr
1995 In My Tree CD CM, Skullman
2008 (LIVE) Kill for My Bitch CD Skullman

Rock n’ Roll Hell – Live in Seattle – 1981

Monster – Live in Portland – 1987