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FLASHBACK to be released 4/20

Snow Bud 4/20 FLASHBACK album release at Ella Street Social Club, PortlandCavity Search Records has teamed with Snow Bud and the Flower People to release their latest album FLASHBACK. Produced by Jack Endino at Seattle’s Soundhouse Studio in 2010, Flashback features some re-envisioned hits from Snow Bud’s first two cassettes from 1986, and one brand new hit: STONER GIRL.

CD release show at Ella Street Social Club on April 20. The album will be available on CD and MP3 via Cavity Search Records, and at selected Portland-based stores (such as Sonic Recollections).

Snow Bud and the Flower People - FLASHBACK - 2012

Snow Bud and the Flower People - FLASHBACK - 2012


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Wonderful news!!! Can’t wait hearing that amazing stuff ;-)


Great news! How can I get one in the EU ?


Aaron, Thank you for your interest! Go to the Cavity Search Records page and click the “buy” link. The CD is $13 and overseas shipping is $2, so you can get it for $15.


God bless you Chris & the band! Keep up the great work! You guys are on the leading edge of todays creativity and don’t get the credit you deserve for it. Your show in Seattle was fantastic.


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