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Boo Frog, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Divining Rods, Napalm Beach

PDX ROOTS MUSIC – Boo Frog in Willamette Week this week

[PDX ROOTS MUSIC] Boo Frog is the Portland band that best pays tribute to both the Fuggs’ whimsical, poetic ’60s humor and Ween’s psychedelic mid-’90s silliness. Drenched in reverb-strewn low-fi credibility, Boo Frog eschews songwriting convention and puts its songs first. With members who’ve shared the stage with every punk band that mattered from Portland’s 1980s music scene—co-founder Chris Newman is perhaps better known for his work in Napalm Beach—Boo Frog knows the music is all that matters. Always independent, the band just released Better Than the Rest on vinyl in July of this year, followed shortly thereafter by the Undead at Satyricon live cassette. So if you want to see some real-deal musical history that the cool kids were into when you were just a pup, check Boo Frog out. JOHN ISAACSON, Willamette Week 15 September 2011 9:30 pm, Saturday September 17 | $6 Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy Blvd.



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