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Rocket review of “Curiosities” (1993)

Review of Napalm Beach "Curiosities" by Wilum Pugmire. The Rocket. Seattle, 1993.

Dedicated to Katherine Dunn, whose ‘Geek Love’ served as inspiration, ‘Curiosities’ tells a curious tale with compelling words and soaring music. From the moment the music began to spill into the air, I was caught within Chris Newman’s web. His clear earthy voice, full of passion, brings these emotional songs to vibrant life. Jan Celt’s gorgeous violin playing especially adds to the opening track, ‘As I Am.’ The rich combination of musical styles, from haunting ballads to thrashing punk, perfectly reflects Newman’s stunning lyrics. I sensed the sawdust, drank the sorrow. My freakish heart throbbed with nameless fever. ‘Curiosities’ is rich human experience raised to degrees of fucking art!

— Wilum Pugmire, The Rocket, June 1993. Seattle.


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I got a email from Wilum Pugmire, “Ah– Napalm Beach. Its amazing how Great all of that old music still sounds!”


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