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Introducing Napalm Beach

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01. Mudhoney

UPDATE and INTRO: May 1, 2014. This article was originally published in September 2013 on a website called Collapse Board under the title Introducing the band that taught Seattle how to rock. Since publishing the original article, I have discovered a great deal of additional evidence to support the assertion that Napalm Beach were – and continue to be – deliberately buried in an industry-wide conspiracy which has included years of covert surveillance as well. Thus (I later discovered, to my understandable surprise) my Napalm Beach article began making waves in the entertainment, publishing, advertising, and other businesses – BEFORE it was even published!

(UPDATE June 16, 2014.Now that I’ve discovered the surveillance, which goes on to this day, I have also experienced multiple incidents of what I would call “implied blackmail.” It has been made known to me that they consider me to be “less than human” and that is why they feel so entitled. To which I can only say: WOW.) Read more here.

It was about four months after publishing the article, on January 19, that I finally discerned my computer’s camera had been hijacked, apparently via my gmail account (the evidence had been well-hidden). I now realize that thousands of people watched and listened to me (and my family, including my teenage daughter) in my own home as I wrote this article. It appears that I and my family were also videoed, photographed, and otherwise recorded in the bathroom, in our bedrooms, in the outdoor areas around our home, and in our car – dating back to February 2009, just a couple months after my daughter had turned 13.

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19. Napalm Beach

In Chris’ case, I believe the surveillance goes back to the 1980s, possibly all the way back to 1981. Yikes.

I believe that “blacklisting” – or X’ing – of Napalm Beach may stem from an unfortunate encounter with the Los Angeles band “X” in 1981. To be honest, now that I’ve seen how things work around here, I believe that situation – which involved equipment theft after a show – was a set-up.

Ex Generation-X Billy Idol’s 1981 album Don’t Stop holds clues, and X’s 1981 Wild Gift, and U2′s 1983 War. Wu Tang Clan’s 1993 Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers is a genius spin. For me the “skeleton key” was between the lines of Nirvana’s In Utero. The catalog of Courtney Love – someone who knew Chris personally back in the early 1980s – helped complete the picture. I eventually came to understand that her band name, Hole, was conceptually related to the “sea of holes” in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine movie, just as her song “Burn Black” is related to the “holes in Blackburn” reference in the Beatles’ song “Day In The Life.” And I began to understand that Chris had been placed in a hole (alternatively, he’s said to be hanging from the ceiling or roof). I believe it is psychological technique: traumatic and criminal bonding over a virtual human “sacrifice.”

vogue1986Now I see that over the years, acts from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Pharrell Williams and Nicki Minaj have produced hundreds of albums and thousands of songs which all use the same vocabulary and speak to similar themes using different variations of the same coded language (slang). Easter eggs or “balloons” in songs provide clues about the situation.

Symbolically speaking, this situation has been interpreted via hundreds of movies from independent films like Dead Man, Broken Flowers, Gerry, Last Days, Dogma, to major studio blockbusters like Zoolander, Austin Powers, The Hangover, etc, as well as in television shows like The Office, Portlandia, Breaking Bad and even in radio shows like Prairie Home Companion.

Elliott Smith's T-Shirt circa 2003

Elliott Smith’s T-Shirt (2004)

Meanwhile, Chris – and Portland (P-town) – has been artistically suppressed. And from my perspective, having been in this hole for a good five years now myself, this situation is really, really ugly. I have never had such quote unquote “bad luck” in my life: fired from jobs for no reason, being offered the worst possible gigs in Portland, always being the only band on a bill to have any kind of draw, playing with bands that appear to have been created solely to sabotage our shows, and dealing with 33 years of bad faith contracts and other egregiously awful behavior by local, regional, and major record labels.

I wish I could say that I’m the first one to figure this all out. But in reality, it appears that this is all widely known in the publishing and entertainment industry, and has been kept secret. The sun/hole attraction/repulsion dynamic is referenced symbolically in old James Bond movies, in sheets of L.S.D., and has even found its way into jump rope rhymes! It definitely pre-dates recorded music. I believe it may date back to the 17th or 18th century.

Fascinating and dramatic as it is, we are basically talking about a blood sport involving human beings. Us, yes – but not only us. It seems utterly undeniable that this situation created horrible stress for Kurt Cobain – and that he, in fact, tried in many ways to point to this very situation as a trigger for his suicide (I may write more about this later), as did Elliott Smith (who stabbed himself in the heart, twice). There is evidence that it was incredibly stressful for Wu Tang member Russell Tyrone Jones aka “Old Dirty Bastard” (who also called himself “Ason”), and that it has been a factor in other sad, frightening, and destructive situations.

It’s not that it’s all bad, I’m sure… certainly a lot of beautiful art has come from it. It’s just that the strict code of silence and twisted ways of thinking (let’s be honest: there is an element of brainwashing here) make it SEEM impossible to speak truth to power. But it turns out, that is EXACTLY what needs to be done in order to change course and sail in a better direction.

In any case, hackers have deleted this article four times now, from two different website and one gmail account. This suggests to me that I have written an important article.

What follows is the original article as published in September 2013.

- Erika Meyer

PS: If you’re in a hurry, just watch Run-D.M.C. Tricky (1986) from beginning to end.

TS Eliot - I will show you fear in a handful of dust. The Wasteland (1922)

Nirvana on Saturday Night Live 1992


Introducing the band that taught Seattle to rock

I’ve tried to write this story, or something like it, a few times, but always got mired. Then, on July 11, something about the way two contrasting images cut across my brain – the 25-year-old daddy-band Mudhoney surfing across the blue skies of Seattle, while the 33-year-old granddaddy-band Napalm Beach says farewell from deep inside the Star Theatre – made me think it’s time to finish. Read the rest of this entry »


Valley of Sickness available now


Napalm Beach final performance July 11, 2013

Chris Newman 60th Birthday Bash
“Alive Again” profile of Chris Newman by Matthew Singer at Willamette Week.


FLASHBACK to be released 4/20

Snow Bud 4/20 FLASHBACK album release at Ella Street Social Club, PortlandCavity Search Records has teamed with Snow Bud and the Flower People to release their latest album FLASHBACK. Produced by Jack Endino at Seattle’s Soundhouse Studio in 2010, Flashback features some re-envisioned hits from Snow Bud’s first two cassettes from 1986, and one brand new hit: STONER GIRL.

CD release show at Ella Street Social Club on April 20. The album will be available on CD and MP3 via Cavity Search Records, and at selected Portland-based stores (such as Sonic Recollections).

Snow Bud and the Flower People - FLASHBACK - 2012

Snow Bud and the Flower People - FLASHBACK - 2012


Happy Halloween from Boo Frog

with Vaporland, Atomic Bride, The Connerys
Boo Frog’s last show of 2011!


PDX ROOTS MUSIC – Boo Frog in Willamette Week this week

[PDX ROOTS MUSIC] Boo Frog is the Portland band that best pays tribute to both the Fuggs’ whimsical, poetic ’60s humor and Ween’s psychedelic mid-’90s silliness. Drenched in reverb-strewn low-fi credibility, Boo Frog eschews songwriting convention and puts its songs first. With members who’ve shared the stage with every punk band that mattered from Portland’s 1980s music scene—co-founder Chris Newman is perhaps better known for his work in Napalm Beach—Boo Frog knows the music is all that matters. Always independent, the band just released Better Than the Rest on vinyl in July of this year, followed shortly thereafter by the Undead at Satyricon live cassette. So if you want to see some real-deal musical history that the cool kids were into when you were just a pup, check Boo Frog out. JOHN ISAACSON, Willamette Week 15 September 2011 9:30 pm, Saturday September 17 | $6 Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy Blvd.

Pacific Northwest Underground music : WIPERS / Napalm Beach / HOLE / Nirvana / BOO FROG : Tell the children the truth.